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Required Documents for Company registration in Pakistan:

1) CNIC Copy
2) Email Address
3) Phone Number
4) Company Name
5) Nature of Business

The benefits of having a registered company in Pakistan:

Anyone who pays taxes to the government must first register with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) and obtain a National Tax Number (NTN). A person who is registered with the NTN gets a number of benefits.

The NTN holder can join a variety of good clubs and gain access to a numerous privileges. For foreign visas, the income tax payer is favored. On a global scale, the income tax payer is regarded as a noble, honest, and true citizen of the country, and in any event, he is offered relief and regarded favorably.

The income tax payer can get government contracts, participate in auctions, and communicate with the country's administration. The income tax payer can join the chamber of commerce and industry and take use of the chamber's benefits.

Above all, NTN is the first step in becoming a tax filer. Becoming a tax filer has even more advantages. The government of Pakistan provides various advantages to income tax filers over non-filers.

By completing an annual income tax return, you can take advantage of the benefits of being a tax filer and, in many situations, have your tax lowered. As a result, there are numerous advantages to becoming a filer in Pakistan.